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SX-Flood is an exchange platform that helps you strengthen your presence on social networks. By joining the system and performing actions such as watching, liking, commenting, following, etc. the campaign of other members. You will receive Coin and the system will then use this Coin to promote your campaigns. The system works fully automatically, you can earn Coin by simply keeping our viewer application running and you do not have to perform any manual action.



  • Exchange Rate: 50%
  • Viewer Sessions: 5
  • Campaign Slots: 3
  • Monthly Bonus: 0
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  • Exchange Rate: 70%
  • Viewer Sessions: 10
  • Campaign Slots: 10
  • Monthly Bonus: 10,000 Coins
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  • Exchange Rate: 90%
  • Viewer Sessions: 15
  • Campaign Slots: 30
  • Monthly Bonus: 30,000 Coins
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